Lands and Valleys of Susa

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Val di Susa is the largest and most populated alpine valley of Piedmont, located in the western part of the region west of Turin.


Its name derives from the city of Susa, also called the 'key of Italy' for its strategic position, but in fact the largest and most important center of the area is today Avigliana, developed as a transit point between Italy and France during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.


The development of many spiritual and cultural centers over time is due to this widespread presence of Alpine passes and passes in any climate. The most famous example of these buildings is certainly the Sacred of St. Michael, the destination of pilgrims who from Western Europe undertook the Via Francigena, and destination still today of strong tourist affluence.


This valley is not only rich in religious monuments, but is also dotted with castles and fortified medieval buildings, strongholds indispensable for the power maintaining and defending of Casa Savoia. Among the best preserved are the Castle of Villar Dora and the Fort of Exilles, known in popular culture thanks to the legend that sees it as the place of imprisonment of the mysterious Man with the Iron Mask.

Apart from its architectural beauty, the valley offers many possibilities for tourism of all kinds. In winter, hundreds of kilometers of slopes are the strongest attraction for ski enthusiasts and winter sports enthusiasts; in summer the area is suitable for hiking, climbing or quiet walks on the shores of its beautiful lakes.