Legal Notices and Booking Conditions

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Legal Notices and Booking Conditions

General Terms

The General Terms below and any future amendments thereto refer to services that the company Turismo AlpMed srl (via the platform BookingPiemonte) provides online using any mobile device, telephone or email .

By accessing the website and/or making a booking (also via an Operator as stated in article  3.6), the User declares that he/she accepts and has understood the General Terms below.

The platform behind the website allows the service providers (Partners), e.g. accommodation (hotels, motels, B&B, residences…), tours, tourist packages, guided tours, transfers.... to promote their own products and the final users (Users) to receive information and/or complete a booking of one or more of the above products.

In relation to any bookings, BookingPiemonte only works as an intermediary between the Partner and the User, who are placed in contact with each other by exchanging information on the booking.

By using the platform, the User views the data loaded by the partners that have access to an extranet network and that are therefore the only subjects responsible for loading availabilities and tariffs and other published data. BookingPiemonte does therefore not respond for any errors, faults or incorrect or untrue information, while guaranteeing to provide the service carefully and diligently.

The platform that works the website: is owned by:

Registered offices : Via Camillo Benso di Cavour 17 , 10123 Turin – Italy
Tel +39 3319879633
REA: TO-1163413 Turin Register of Companies
VAT Reg. No.: 10807510010
Authorisation no. 27356 dated 12/02/2013 of the Province of Turin, Structure AA88 Class. 090702
Third party liability insurance no. 8508306 – Europe Assistance Spa.

1. Regulatory framework

The contract referring to the organisation of travel, stays and the sale of tourist services considered individually is regulated by Law no. 1084 dated 27 December 1977 as ratification and execution of the International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV), signed in Brussels on 23 April 1970. The contract for the sale of tourist packages is regulated by the above CCV and also by the new Tourism Code (Leg. Decree 79/2011) which entered into force on 21/6/2011. Also, a contract stipulated remotely by the consumer comes under application of the provisions contained in Legislative Decree no. 70 dated 9 April 2003, regarding the “Implementation of the directive 2003/31/EC regarding some legal aspects of information company services in the domestic market, with particular reference to e-commerce”.

2. Accepting the contract

The contract that is generated by booking on the platform,  will be governed by the herein General Terms for booking and cancellation and by the above-stated legislation. It is acknowledged that the user of the services provided by declares he/she approves all the information provided for by the above-stated legislations and in the confirmation voucher sent by email, information that he/she states to know fully as contained on the website, except for the information that, not previously in his/her possession, will be provided before departure, together with travel documents.  With regards to payment, withdrawal with penalty and transfer by the consumer, the user declares that he/she approves what is provided for by and stated below.


3.1 Booking via the platform

Once you have entered the website,, use the search template on the homepage to indicate the location, the start date for your stay, the number of nights, adults, children and rooms required, then select the accommodation you are interested in and click on SEARCH  Based on the search criteria set, the system will provide a list of available accommodation facilities. Select your chosen accommodation.

If on the base of the set criteria the system cannot find any bookable accommodation, the wording as follows will appear on the next screen: “We have not found any availabilities for your search. Try to change some parameters or consider the alternatives below” and then below there will be the offer of alternative accommodation to be booked consistent with a wider geographic area compared to the previously set search.

Once you reach the details of the bookable accommodation, it is essential to ready the tariff terms carefully by clicking on the circular icon with the “i” in the centre (e.g. Non-refundable tariff). After selecting the type and number of room(s) required, click on BOOK, then proceed with filling out the booking form, entering your personal details and credit card number, taking care to fill in all the fields.  It is possible to enter other requests/notes by filling in the “Message for the Hotel” space. We point out that although the hotels will do their best to meet said requests/notes, neither or the hotels themselves can guarantee that they will be met.

By clicking on “Book”, the purchase is confirmed which generates the actual room booking and the automatic sending of a message via email that confirms the booking to both the user and the accommodation structure.

3.2 Payment methods

Generally, no advance payment is required for booking. Payment is made by the user at the hotel. The credit card details are required only as guarantee for the booking in the event of cancellation with penalties or in the event of a no-show (the user does not arrive at the accommodation on the day booked). However, in case of NON-REFUNDABLE rates, an amount equal to the total amount may be charged at any time on your credit card.


3.3 Travel documents

Completion of booking automatically generates a confirmation that is sent to the email address entered at the time of booking and that can be downloaded immediately from specific links found on the final screen. Therefore please check that the data entered on the booking form is correct. A wrong email address will mean that you will not receive the booking confirmation, causing possible communication problems and misunderstandings.

Booking confirmation is equivalent to the voucher to present to the hotel at check-in, therefore it must be printed and kept.

3.4 Changes to the booking

The platform BookingPiemonte does not foresee the possibility of changing a booking . A booking must be cancelled, following the instructions contained in the section below, and then a new booking must be made.

In the event of penalties following a cancellation in order to change a booking, if the new booking should be for the same hotel where the cancellation was made, the user is invited to inform BookingPiemonte immediately ( -  +39 331 9879633) to check the possibility of not having the penalties applied. In all cases, Booking Piemonte’s intervention is a courtesy and does not guarantee a positive result.

3.5 Cancelling a booking

To cancel a booking, the User must use the cancellation link on the voucher sent by email at the time of booking.

This procedure will generate a cancellation voucher addressed to both the user and the accommodation.

If the cancellation creates a penalty, the Hotel will have the right to charge said penalties using the User’s credit card.

In the event of cancellations made after the deadline stated at the time of booking, cannot be held responsible for any penalties charged to the user’s credit card by the hotel.


3.6 Booking at the counter with the Operator

The term Operator means those parties recognised by Booking Piemonte as authorised to send booking requests through the platform on the behalf of users who go to the operators’ office open to the public.

The General Terms are applied usually for this type of booking too.

Any exceptions will be specified on the confirmation voucher that will be handed to the user and will be an integral part of the conditions as approved by the user.

4. Hotel category structure

Hotel categories refer to the Piedmont Regional Law no.  14 from 24 January 1995.

5. Mandatory Communication pursuant to Article 17 of Law no. 38 06/02/2006

Italian law punishes the crimes of prostitution and child pornography with imprisonment, even if committed overseas.

6. Privacy

Detailed information about Privacy and the use of Cookies is provided on the website

Generally, the personal data requested by the user in the event of booking service requests made on the platform or mediated by the operator is handled to:

-       Complete the booking request;

-       Handle any other request for information or services provided by Turismo AlpMed srl, in its role as Data Controller

The Operator, as set out in article 3.6, who manages personal data handling, including entering data on the online booking system, is appointed as external data processor for Turismo AlpMed srl.

Handling is carried out using electronic tools and providing the requested data is necessary in order to fulfil requests. Personal data will not be diffused. At any time, the User can exercise his right as set out in article 7 of leg. Decree 196/2003, by writing to the following address: Turismo AlpMed S.r.l. - Via Cavour 17 – 10123 Turin

7. Place of jurisdiction

Any dispute which may arise between the parties will be dealt with exclusively by the Courts of Turin.