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These three water mirrors, Lake Maggiore, Lake Mergozzo and Lake d’Orta are the three pearls that characterize the Piemonte Lake District, which reflects the beauty and variety of Piedmontese territory.
Lake Maggiore, more than its name and de facto, with its glimpses and lands that follow unceasingly and with the wonderful Borromeo Gulf that dominates it, has for centuries been a place and source of inspiration for literate artists, musicians and writers of All over Europe, in the 1800s, of the Grand Tour.
Lake Mergozzo is one of the cleanest in Italy, for years the use of motor boats is forbidden in its waters. This has meant that this water mirror is considered a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.
Finally Lake Orta is located to the west of Lake Maggiore. It is the westernmost of the prealpine lakes and originates from the southern face of the Simplon glacier. The largest feature of the lake is the Island of San Giulio, situated exactly at the center of the water mirror and dominated by the Basilica, the Basilica of San Giulio.