Turin Metropolis

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The province of Turin offers to those who decide to spend their holidays here with a diverse and fascinating artistic and environmental heritage, ranging from ancient towns to ecomuseums, archaeological sites to places of faith in Valdez, religious architecture and great manor houses.
All this surrounded by uncontaminated mountain landscapes that frame the splendid cities of the province and backdrop to the noble Real Residences that Casa Savoia has spilled over time throughout the territory.
Just the ring formed by these Royal Residences, historically defined as the Crown of Delights, acts as a border and limit to the urban area of the capital.
Turin, a majestic and elegant city, will capture you with its museums, churches and 19th century palaces. Alchemic and magical city will bring you to discover its mysteries, which swirling between squares and underground galleries.
Great other protagonist, the river Po, which almost divides the city. On its shores there are many sports that can be practiced throughout the year.